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Cantina Venturini was born thanks the great passion our father Carlo Venturini had for wine, a passion that made up his decision in opening his own winery in 1964.


Today we are running Cantina Venturini with the same values of our father, having inherited his love for wine and its production systems, the care and the research of quality wines we offer to our  customers,  who highly appreciate the direct relationship they have with us.


Technology has evolved over the years, and we could use it not only to tests wines we store in our cellar, but also on the vineyards and in the blending and production processess.


Quality remains the same for bulk wines, bottled ones and in bag-in-box.

You just need to choose the package, we take care of the good wine!


Mauro e Sandra Venturini

Cantina Venturini Snc

Via Don Eugenio Benedetti, 2
Capezzano Pianore (Camaiore), 55041 (LU)


Tel: 0584 913186
Fax: 0584 916459




Closed on Sundays