Top quality wines in Versilia since 1964


Wine, a family passion
A story that began in 1964, when our father Carlo Venturini decided to open a business to pass on his passion for wine to customers and friends who frequented our family and, since then, our winery.

This tradition of sharing and carefully select the quality of the wines on offer, has come down to us, heirs to a ritual of the past when people came to the cellar mainly to fill demijohns and “dame” (smaller containers), to take home the wine in bulk.

Over the years, customers’ habits have changed profoundly, and today we offer bulk and bottled wines, including our Poggio Lieto, and a selection of labels representing the best Italian production, including sparkling wines, and spirits from all over the world.

Those who come to visit us at Capezzano Pianore will find us and the staff of the Cantina ready, as always, to welcome and introduce to the various productions, to advise on purchases based on gastronomic pairings, with a smile that comes from the heart, from our great family passion, the one we have for good wine.

The same goes for those who choose our home delivery service, a service that takes us around Tuscany and beyond, so as not to leave anyone without our products.

People, work, passion, traditions, wine. The world of our family and of Cantina Venturini for over 60 years.

Sandra e Mauro Venturini



We started making Poggio Lieto wine in the early 2000s, purchasing grapes from Abruzzo, Tuscany and Latium.

The types of grapes from which our Poggio Lieto is made are: Montepulciano Abruzzo, Sangiovese and Tuscan Merlot for red grapes and Trebbiano, Malvasia and Vermentino for white grapes.

We make wine the old-fashioned way, letting the must ferment on the skins just long enough for the wine to acquire both colour and fragrance, and then we put it in steel containers and let it sit for racking and subsequent filtration.

We buy the grapes from small producers and go personally to the vineyard to load them with our vehicles and make the first selection. The grapes are placed in open crates to preserve their integrity and processed within 24 hours of harvesting.
A small part is sold to private individuals who then make the wine themselves, and the larger part is vinified by us and put on sale until the next harvest.

All the processing is done independently, at the Venturini Winery, with the supervision and support of one of our oenologists who carries out all the procedures to control the product both in the vineyard and when it is sold.

The wines undergo all the chemical and organoleptic analyses necessary for successful vinification.

Poggio Lieto is put on the market from 5 December each year in memory of the date of birth of our father Carlo Venturini.




We are in an area of Versilia that joins the hills to the sea, a handkerchief of intense green, of lovingly cultivated fields, of small towns.

A peaceful oasis that welcomes those returning from the sea, still smelling of salt and sand, and those coming down from the hills with the scent of the woods.
This sort of middle territory is our home, Capezzano Pianore, the place where we have been working with our cellar and wine shop for 60 years.

A short distance from Camaiore, Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, with their centres full of history, art and glamour, and just a few minutes from small villages with ancient traditions, immersed in nature, such as Casoli, Santa Lucia, Bargecchia, Corsanico, Stazzema, Seravezza and the Apuan district.

A world to be discovered and rediscovered, including a stop with us to discover our wines!