We started producing our own wine in 2005, buying grapes coming from Abruzzo,  Grosseto and Castelli Romani.


The varieties are Montepulciano Abruzzo, Sangiovese and Merlot toscano for red grapes and Trebbiano, Malvasia and Vermentino for white grapes, where our  Poggio Lieto comes from.


We produce wine in the old fashioned way, leaving must ferment on grapes skins for the time needed to get colour and flavour, then we put everything in steel containers and leave it rest for the following filterings and pourings.


Poggio Lieto is available for sale every year on December 5th, as memory of our father Carlo Venturini date of birth.


We buy grapes from small farms and we personally go to vineyards  with our trucks in order to make the first selection and carry them.

Grape is picked and put in plastic open boxes in order to keep its integrity and it is processe with in 24 hours from the harvest.


A small amount of grape is sold to private customers producing wine on their own, while we take care of most of it and transform it into wine we sell until the following grape harvest.


The production is excluisively made at Cantina Venturini, under the supervision and support of our enologist doing all the monitoring activities in vineyard and before having wine for sale.


Wines are chemically and organolepticly tested  in order to guarantee the perfect wine production process.

Grape harvest has a  special meaning to us, besides the regulations obliging to do it according to specific certified procedures, we don’t give up living this special time of the year at its best, joining our energies in order to produce the nectar everybody loves.


Our father started to buy grapes around Florence 60 years ago, when this strict regulations didn’t exist.

Carlo Venturini personally went to buy grapes and wine, and from those meetings born strong friendships lasting until today.

We didn’t produce wine, we just sold grapes as in those ages harvest and wine production were a very important tradition for most of the people.


Old generations have passed away, and the new ones don’t like to spend their time prducing wine, they just love the final product, this is the reason why around 10 years ago we started our wine production as Cantina Venturini.


We are constantly in touch with farmers growing our grapes through the year, in order to be updated about vineyards development.


When doing grapes harvest we end up the day with a fantastic dinner and drink our wine in good company.


Our “POGGIO LIETO” wine is named after a hill just in front of us in Capezzano Pianore, facing the seaside, and we liked the idea for our wine.


Country and maritime people, this is the way we are in this little corner of Versilia, same as our wine!